About the author

Born in 1935 in Kent, England, Ron grew up in ‘Bomb Alley’ during WW2. During a 5-year apprenticeship as a compositor and typographer, Ron met art student Patricia and they married in 1957. Together they have a daughter, two sons, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. After emigrating to Australia, Ron began writing daily and has amassed many concepts, short stories, manuscripts and screenplays. His ‘Where the Devil says Goodnight’ script was nominated for a US Heritage and cultural award, and he often uses his fiction to help charities. Ron is a 4th Dan Master and keeps fit teaching Tae Kwon Do. He enjoys making furniture, is passionate about our planet and its wildlife, and believes we should delete the word ‘retirement’ from all languages.

What the critics have said about Ron’s writing:

Lord David Puttnam
Lord David Puttnam Enigma Productions London
Ref Cast of Eagles. There are a couple of projects I would dearly love to produce, and sadly I’m unable to help you develop this further. I do hope you understand and appreciate my decision, and I wish all the luck in the world with this project.
The Editor
The Editor Working Title Films London
Where the Devil says Goodnight and Cast of Eagles. Whilst I found both intriguing and commercial ideas, we are currently developing two WW11 projects and as such I can’t see a way in which we’d be able to pursue these with you. Press on with Cast of Eagles.
Bill Kerr
Bill Kerr Australian Actor
Best script I’ve read in years. Ask Russell Crowe to read.
Andelko Jurin
Andelko Jurin LA based award winning West Australian Director
Just gone through your scenes again and they are unreal. You are on the gas. We’ve a script on our hands. Again, this is a vivacious piece and you’ve set your war arena up well. This is obviously your strongest point as a writer.