Book Covers Saddle the Wind

Generally, covers need a few layout’s, before one click’s with the feel and look of the concept. So here are covers for all of my first five books.

Final cover, again by Michelle Goode, who changed direction completely here and came up with the best.



The 2nd, again very good, designed by my Editor Michelle Goode who wants to add designing to her already abundant talents.


The first, and very good.Rear cover text: Saddle the Wind. Dartmoor, England 1638. An isolated Church, on an ancient road. A sudden storm bursts out of the wintry sky. Eyewitnesses mention a saddled horse with two riders near the steeple, another tethered outside and both vanishing into the darkness. With scorch marks burnt on their backs and rumoured to be immortal, both horses roam the moor’s desolate regions. A scorched saddle is also found later in Buckfast’s Abbey loft. For 268 years its whereabouts is a mystery until traded in a gambler’s bet some 134 years ago. In 2000 it is given to a 12-15-year old Dartmoor girl, Amanda. With the saddle’s mysterious power and helped by the ghost of her wronged ancestor Buery Elliott, Amanda unwittingly solves a 400-year old family mystery, resolving a terrible injustice and restoring balance to a divided