Book covers Where the Devil says Goodnight

The only one and the best designed by editor Michelle Good who just wanted to add designs to her many talents.

Great work Michelle.

This was backdoor survival in the

harshest environment on earth

The captivating memoir  of a young girl’s survival during WW2

Where the Devil says Goodnight. Feature. Action. Drama. 92 pages.

Backdoor Survival on the harshest environment on earth. The captivating story of a young girl’s survival there. Beata Karp is a European aristocrat and a great friend of Ron.

Beata Redziowski nee Karp lived most of her adult life in Perth where no-one has ever heard of this Aristocrat, the first legible date on her family tree is 1640. Others undated are before.

Where the Devil says Goodnight is the true story dealing with the life of an extraordinary lady who was born in Lithuania in 1918 and died in Western Australia in 1982. Beata Karp is destined to inherit several very large family estates in the Amber Land-Lithuania and Poland. Instead, she is arrested in Warsaw with Kaz her husband of 6 months, spends months in a prison hell-hole. Interrogated, charged with spying. Unfortunately, this multi-lingual woman’s Russian is better than the inhuman and brutal interrogator at Baranovichi prison, the sentence -10 years. For her World War II blunders into top gear. After six weeks in open cattle wagons across the worlds’ biggest snowfields, this down to earth European aristocrat falls from a cattle-wagon into deep Siberian snow. A place the Poles call; ‘Where the Devil says Good Night.’ The date:  November 27 1940. Camp Yaya houses 5,500 women of all ages and nationalities, most are innocent people. The needle on the Richter scale of misery is about to set new records 442 miles below the Arctic Circle. Their buzzword is ‘survive.’ Miraculously she does.


Siberian Gulag WW 2 existing near the Arctic Circle were, 5000 innocent ladies. Their ‘Buzz Word? Survive.