Can’t fight? wear a BIG Hat Synopsis

Winning photo Australia 2014 Outstanding Older Australian, Ron Shears,

Can’t Fight? Wear a BIG Hat. Screenplay is written.
90 minutes
A tough urban thriller in a contemporary London background.
Has edgy, Guy Ritchie feel.
A detective must avenge his “dead” wife with kick ass martial arts skills.
African American Forbes runs his Diamond smuggling empire from London. His minders: five Karate head-shaved muscle guys.
Forbes has a contract on Jonathan Swift-the only cop to nail him, and Rebecca his high-court judge wife. The marriage is over, names change. Swift doesn’t know Rebecca is pregnant. She christens their son Dan.
Rebecca’s funeral is faked. Unaware, Swift appears graveside.
Dan’s assigned to watch him.
Dan tells Jonathon, Rebecca isn’t dead. Meeting secretly, Rebecca tells Swift; Dan’s his son. Swift goes after Forbes.
Dan drives a fast taxi around London with four police crack-shots, martial art experts. All resemble drop-outs. Perfect cover as they operate ‘way outside’ usual police jurisdiction.
Forbes, Dan and Swift are black belts.
A Do Jo showdown sees Dan, Swift and four crack-shots enter wearing big hats – one is bald having chemo. ‘If you can’t fight wear a big hat’ is mentioned throughout inviting a fight.
Dan and pals remove their hats, showing shaved heads.
Jonathon licks Forbes, whose minders step on the mats.
After a breathtaking martial art battle, Dan’s team prop-up Forbes’s five guys, and plonk their big hats on their heads.
Can’t fight? Wear a BIG Hat.