Cast of Eagles

Feature screenplay is written.

Cast of Eagles



Enigma Productions London (Lord David Putnam). Ref Cast of Eagles. There are a couple of projects I would dearly love to produce, and sadly I’m unable to help you develop this further. I do hope you understand and appreciate my decision, and I wish all the luck in the world with this project. (Lord Putnam took up two government Task Forces appointments)
British Screen I see from the numerous log lines you have a good imagination. However, it may well be that some of these ideas fall somewhat outside for our remit. If you’d like to send me the script of THE GHOST AND THE HARLEY, I’d be happy to take a look at it. Emma Berkofsky, head of development. (I didn’t send)
Working Title Films London. Where the Devil says Goodnight and Cast of Eagles. Whilst I found both intriguing and commercial ideas, we are currently developing two WW11 projects and as such I can’t see a way in which we’d be able to pursue these with you. Press on with Cast of Eagles.

Barron Entertainment P Perth, W. Australian, fortunately, the epic scale of many of your submitted projects prohibits our company supporting further development. In fact, almost all the historical stories (particularly those set in WWII) could not proceed without the backing of a major Hollywood studio. That said let me say how much I enjoyed reading such a diverse range of story ideas.

Bill Kerr, Australian Actor: Cast of Eagles, “Best script I’ve read in years. Ask Russell Crowe to read.”

Oxygen Films. Canada.  Thanks for this. It sounds like a great storyline. I won’t say move forward just yet, but I will run this concept past a few people! I love your zeal and ambitious writer’s spirit!!

Andelko Jurin, LA-based award-winning West Australian Director: Cast of Eagles. “Just gone through your scenes again and they are unreal. You are on the gas. We’ve a script on our hands.”