About Author Ron Shears

He was born in 1935 in Kent, England, and grew up in Bomb Alley during WW2. He served a 5-year indentured apprenticeship as a Compositor, Typographer. Top sportsman, played in a semi-pro soccer league as an amateur, declined to turn pro for a League club – meant breaking apprenticeship. Met Patricia, an Art Student at age 17, married in 1957. They have a daughter, two sons’ eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

He left a print after 11 years to start a roof tiling and slating business, eventually employing 52 trade’s men. Nine years later, lost a fortune to bad debts when oil price increased 400% in four days. Builders large and small went broke, taking him with them. Some years later, he migrated to Australia. Broke, did building site laboring work to support the family., started writing to keep sane, never showed anyone for about 20 years -when he did many favourable comments spurred him on. He had heaps of concepts in progress he needed help, Aimee Lamb came on board to co-write the screenplays, and it continues.
Age 54 diagnosed with chronic Asthma, son suggested Tae Kwon Do – he thought it a Chinese take-w-way he’d not heard of. At 57, he did, nearly killed him, Asthma gone. Recommends asthmatics make their lungs earn their keep. Graded for 1st Dan Black Belt at 61.

He trains and teaches Tae Kwon Do in Australia, a 4th Dan Master, and 4th Dan in MMA. Enjoys making furniture. He writes screenplays and stories daily for many hours. One feature screenplay, Where the Devil says Goodnight, was nominated for US Heritage and cultural award. Placed 10th in US competition with 2,100 entries. Contracts signed to shoot then plug pulled at the last minute—top English actress in the lead role. There seems to be a lot of talk in this business.

Five books were completed, deleted from Amazon. Had an agent, she closed her company after a few years.

Passionate about our planet, its wildlife, from tiny insects to the Blue Whale. Believes we should delete the word ‘Retirement’ from all languages.


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