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Forgive me if my site appears confusing, as I lack the knowledge of how to do it as it deserves, if any reader can help please contact me.

The World’s most famous undiscovered Author lives in the past because the future scares him. So, he buries himself in words. Ron’s description.

Several readers and editors said they have never seen so much varied writing from one writer, in so many genres. So you will understand I’m sure my actions here. For security, I have deleted most of my short stories, synopsis with other details, as it is getting pinched and used on sites. These pirate e-book scum charge a fee, and you choose one or all of my five book, and I get nothing. I do ask if a title screenplay, or story interests you, I will gladly co-operate. I’m also investigating other options to show my stuff. Just Google ron shears.  Thank You.

Oh yes, look at the gallery for the truly incredible amount of stuff I’ve created in the past 40 plus years.

 2 Visual Pitches.

Well worth 2-minutes are these two superb 60-second screenplay pitches.

Where the Devil says Goodnight:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jFS4w5NQwg

The Legend and Adventures of Tae and Kwon:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5Jy3IPhQlI

The only person I submitted some of my writing to after about 20 years was Lucy of Bang2write fame, Lucy encouraged me to keep at it with great suggestions on how to improve. So why not Publishers and Film Production Companies Prod., (Cos.,).,?  This after about 20-years, a sad mistake. Why do you ask? Simple, for fear of knock backs, so I just kept writing much on a Typewriter. Bear in mind, Computers were not that good then, Finally I plucked up courage and wrote a one-page synopsis on each, it totalled 38,000 words, far too much I thought, so I edited to 27,000, and when I could afford it I submitted to various Publishers and Film Prod-cos., in England and thought, ‘I’ll return to Print,’ but Rupert Murdoch revolutionised print with computers and Compositors like me were dumped.

To my great surprise Publishers and Prod-Cos., seemed to like most of my concepts and replied with encouraging letters asking for the complete works. Ater a computer crash I lost most of their addresses plus a move to Australia, all I had were letters, and it was a few years before I tried contacting these. Some had moved, some no longer in business. All the time I added more concepts, manuscripts, and screenplays, and here I am at 82, still editing and creating even more interesting stories. So there we, have a read of the page on comments.

It was Martin a Tae Kwon Do friend who after seeing my type and knowing of my writing suggested a web page, I did nothing with it as it was another software program I needed to get to grips with, so I left it. Then an Agent signed me in 2015 on a 2-year contract, and the page remained dormant. We parted company mutually in Feb 2017. It was no time and long overdue to crack the Word press software. It seems I cannot, as I do not have the time.

Furthermore, it has two main objectives

Originally designed to show Ron’s creations of his Letterpress Wood Poster Type.  An interest that began during and after 1952 whilst serving a 5-year indentured apprenticeship as a Compositor and Typographer. He has a very extensive collection of these antiques. However, the site now includes his story-writing and screenplays which he started about 1973. The site is split between them, the largest chunk being the writing.

A word on Letterpress printing. 

It is all for sale except my creations, and here if you want something like it with your text and theme I’m happy to compose one. Letterpress Poster Type Wood Letters. Made in England by the renowned Robert Delittle’s of York and other English manufacturers. All are over 150+ years old, carved from Hornbeam, Cherry, Boxwood, Oak & Ash. The rich mellow Hues-Lustre-Patina from countless soakings with inks & cleaned with Paraffin.

Letterpress means; letters are inked and pressed onto paper under a platen with some pressure. The letters are reversed.

Production of these ceased with computer’s modern Printing Techniques. You’ll see the photo of what the type was like before I dusted and cleaned it as it had not been used for decades in most cases. Millions of cases were burned and dumped. They are irreplaceable, of course.

It’s impossible to reproduce more than one antique article.  Each is a one-off unless making a mould from a letterpress creation, and use a metal powder in a cold-cure resin. A lengthy process.

We hand Compositors (comps) plied our unique skills in hand composition & makeup, using these antique letters, I make tables, Table Lamps, Clocks, Collages with your text. Look closely at the Creations. Each is hand finished & waxed several times with natural waxes.

An Artist

My artist friend’s drawings brought to ‘life’ my martial art superstars Tae and Kwon. This was about 14 years ago, now Graham Le Page and I have been developing joint ideas ever since. Sadly he died a few years ago.

You’ll see it in the Animation chunk. He’s so busy, the only way I’ll get his vast and varied stuff on this site, is to nail him down myself. As a famous cartoonist said after seeing his ‘range’: “Your trouble is you can draw anything. So what do you concentrate on”? Fortunately, he didn’t, he continued drawing his vast range.

He’s promised to get some to me shortly. Until then, look at the Animation section, and his superb storyboard of a short screenplay: The Penalty.

The vast number of superb drawings he did is incredible. You will see most on this site.

Sadly Graham died suddenly about 2010.


The cooperation of fellow scribe Jacquie Burt, who after reading just six of my synopses posted by Ian Noakes on his site a few years ago asked, “If we could co-operate?” Her infectious enthusiasm, fertile creative mind, hard work, and honestly convinced me we’d make a good team. See what you think.

The ultimate aim of course to sell some of it. If a synopsis interests you, please ask for the complete screenplay or story. We are also happy to consider developing and writing a screenplay, or animation project for you with Graham’s superb drawings.  A great team on your side.

So click on the appropriate link. By its very creative content and nature, this site is constantly evolving, so add to your favorites.

Over to you, and thanks for your time.


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