Black Star Diamond. Excerpt from my feature Screenplay

Written 13.9.06

The Black Star is now the world’s most expensive and rare Diamond. The stratosphere orbiting satellite keeps track of every $5.5 million plus stones. Black Star’s so dense it cannot be electronically encoded. A far cry from when this fist-size rough and uncut chunk was traded for a chance to escape the worst jail hell hole in the southern hemisphere, Fremantle, Australia in 1893.

Four ingredients are uppermost when considering a diamond referred to as the 4 C’s. CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOUR, CUT.

D’s are the rarest and most desired shade of ‘white’ diamond. And will be completely devoid of color.

D-flawless in color the very best grade of a diamond, and free from internal flaws or surface blemishes of any kind.

Our story begins, or rather comes to life in the worst hell-hole jail in the southern hemisphere.

How the present wealthy lady came by the Black Star, where it came from, and its complete known history since 1893 in Western Australia is well documented. The then owner, one, and Dutchman/South African Corrie van-der-Cooke traded it in West Australia’s Fremantle Jai

Cooke wants out of jail, so he gives fellow prisoner Scotsman Connolly the fist-size chunk of uncut rock. Cooke knows it to be rare, but so is freedom for a murderer serving life in this worst hellhole in the southern hemisphere.

Connolly wants the people who framed and put him inside for 20 years. The other six prisoners he picks to go over the wall are likewise all framed.

Our story spans a century and covers several of those escapee’s lives and those of their ancestors.

Now, the satellite orbiting the world in the Stratosphere every 24 hours is not pinpointing events in any of the world’s 70 trouble spots. Or sending pictures to the United States tracking facility of any suspect nations secret armaments locations.

This billion-dollar satellite is a private venture, its sole objective: keep track of expensive Diamonds. The guys who commissioned this venture owns the most expensive Diamonds in the world. All of these stones are electronically encoded, so if they are stolen, the satellite hones onto its location in a millisecond. Such stones have a minimum value of $5,500,000 US.

A thief can hide it behind steel, lead or anything is known to man, and this equipment finds it. Except one, the world’s most expensive and only Black Diamond named Black Star. Its color is so dense no modern equipment could encode it. No insurance company will cover it at any cost, so its owner lives in fear of it being pinched.


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