Book Cover ideas Tae & Kwon

Book Cover ideas Tae & Kwon

Once my artist pal got started on this concept he could not stop, drawings came fast and furious, thank goodness they did. Images of Sam and Jim who found the cave with Mr Ling at his house. The dastardly Soo twins create a super story of Martial Arts, the good versus the bad and history from 2,500 years ago when waring dynasty’s still fought each other.

I have started the 2nd adventure and there will be a 3rd or more till it runs  ‘out-of-steam.

There is a Legend of an Ancient Kingdom and a deadly combat art inscribed on cave walls and lost to history. Now a Dark Force has found the cave and released its Evil Fighters in a quest for Power and Profit. But Two Young Heroes will emerge from the cave to pursue the dark force an carry

the ancient battle into the 21st century.

A Prince. A Princess. Another Time. One Mission.

They are not alone.

Weak and exposed in appearance, but powerful when unleashed. One’s reactions may start afterwards, but the response arrives there first. Yuh Niuy

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