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Following are just some of my ideas and concepts that I have developed, I’m constantly adding, so this is incomplete.


Mad Mike and the Chindits.

Chindits never die they go to heaven and regroup.  They’ve already been to hell! The degree to which Mike Calvert led very risky attacks in person becoming widely known as “Mad Mike”. This tough, Cambridge educated, brilliant, hard-fighting WW2 Brigadier was hated by his superior officers.

True-life account of the heroic wartime exploits and tragic story of highly decorated English Brigadier Michael Calvert and his strong association with the beginnings of the SAS. With his savage commando raids, Mike fought literally barehanded turning the war against Japan in Burma. Displaying qualities of courage, leadership and tactical intelligence, destined to carry him to the top. Dubbed ‘Mad Mike, because of his habit of laughing loudly in moments of greatest danger, this fearless, physically tough, heavy drinking, hard fighting idealist-the acknowledged expert on guerrilla warfare was recommended three times for the V.C. Astonishingly each was quashed at a senior level. Festering in some of his ex-superior officers’ minds was another battle he never saw coming, and Mike was ill-prepared for.

The Legend and Adventures of Tae  & Kwon   on most  e-publisher sites

TA time travel martial arts adventure. ere is a Legend of an ancient Kingdom and a deadly combat art inscribed on cave walls. Now a dark force has found the cave and released its evil fighters. But two heroes will emerge from the cave to pursue the dark force, A Princess, a Prince, another time, one mission, they are not alone.

Weak and exposed in appearance, but powerful when unleashed. One’s reactions may start afterwards, but the response arrives there first. Yuh Niuy

Nazi Gold & the Reinhardt Memorandum

When the Third Reich Falls, Hitler’s men hide their vast fortune of gold, paintings, and treasures… But will it be found? In 1945 intelligence Agent Reinhardt blew the lid off the biggest cover-up in US history.  It goes to the top, 2.5 billion’s at stake. The largest concentration of treasure in the World simply vanishes without a trace. Stolen by an unholy combination of Russian, US personnel, and unscrupulous ex-Nazis. Reinhardt’s life is in grave danger, and there is nowhere to run. Before the War’s over, General Patton is dead. The treasurer’s vanished, unsolved murders abound. Despite hundreds of investigators sniffing around Germany, investigations are obstructed from the top. No one is brought to justice, and Reinhardt is ruined. The cover-up succeeded.

The Healing Bullet

WW2’s just around the corner. The search is on to find the cure for bacteria. Without an answer, the death toll will be catastrophic. A young Surgeon in a battlefield hospital in France during World War I realizes most soldiers’ die from infections – not their wounds. Years later this Scot Bacteriologist, discards the brown fungus in a dish without realizing its potential. The discovery languishes for a decade. Florey, a 21-year old Australian wins a Rhodes scholarship to study at Oxford.  The Nazis seize power in Germany. Dr. Ernst Chain – a brilliant biochemist leaves and starts work at Cambridge. Florey and Chain-now at Oxford look at the fungus and the Oxford team nurture a dirty-brown powder into Penicillin. This quirk of fate has ramifications no one ever dreams of. They have to find the cure for these bacteria. They have a shoestring budget, lousy equipment, and WW2 is imminent. This other secret war-beyond public knowledge or belief, but more deadly is also being fought as German aircraft drop bombs.

The Letter TT Keyhole:  on most  e-publisher sites Late March 2018

On its way

Cast of Eagles

Air combat is not exactly chivalrous. It’s about sneaking up behind the enemy and shooting him in the back. Honours standing up for something you believe in.  But there’s a difference in living by a code of honour than dying for it. How far will they go? And are they willing to die for it?  It’s not always losers who die alone in a cockpit.

Where the Devil Says Goodnight on most  e-publisher sites

A 22-year-old European aristocrat falls from a cattle-wagon into freezing Siberian snow. For her, World War II blunders into top gear. During the reigns of Hitler and Stalin. Poland and other Eastern European countries acted as a buffer zone between Germany and Russia. The people of this region suffered unspeakable tragedies. Such a tragedy is that Beata Karp who, along with her Polish husband of six months Kaz, are arrested on a Warsaw street in November 1940. The inhuman Russian interrogator at Baranovichi prison knows she speaks five languages – including Russian. Only spies need language fluency, and her Russian is better than his. The sentence, 10 years in Siberian Gulag. Can she survive? Kaz is tortured to death in Baranovichi. She is sentenced to ten years in a Siberian labour camp. Camp Yaya is 400 miles from the Arctic Circle and the commandant has to persuade her to embrace communism. She will be schooled in espionage to travel worldwide and spy. Decline, ten years means life, that’s if she can survive. For her, the needle on the Richter scale of misery is about to set new records. She was a great friend of Ron.

Saddle the Wind.   on most  e-publisher sites

‘The Great Thunderstorm of Widecombe-in-the-Moor, took place on 21 October 1638. That afternoon during a severe thunderstorm the picturesque granite stone church of Pancras was apparently struck by ball lightning. An afternoon service was taking place at the time, and the building was packed with worshippers. 60 folk were injured, and the building severely damaged. Written accounts by eyewitnesses tell of a strange darkness, powerful thunder, and “a great ball of fire” ripping through a window and tearing part of the roof open. It is said to have rebounded through the church. The priest, George Lyde, was unhurt, some are said to have suffered burns to their bodies, but not their clothes. A dog is reported to have run out of the door, was hurled around as if by a mini tornado.

The devil tethered his horse to one of the four pinnacles at Widecombe Church, captured the sleeping Jan Reynolds, and rode away into the storm. As they flew over nearby Birch Tor, the four aces fell to the ground, and today, if you stand at Warren House Inn you can still see four ancient field enclosures, each shaped like the symbols from a pack of cards. There are no records of an untethered saddled horse grassing outside on the verge that bolted and was never seen again. The saddle-badly scorched literally flew through the air and was found some miles distant in the loft at Buckfast Abbey after it crashed through the roof. The horse? well, it said it became immortal and still roams Dartmoor’s desolate areas. And the saddle? It was later sold at the annual Abbey fundraising day. Its whereabouts thereafter is a mystery until it was traded in gamblers bet.

Black Star Diamond

Accidentally three Irishmen literally stumble on the world’s richest Gold find in Australia. Three years later, Tom Flannagan Paddy Hannan and Tom Shea are broke. Whiskered London financier’s finger maps for a frontier town west of Fly Flats, and soon pocket vast fortunes, owning every mine. Prospectors discover stinking brackish bore water is more precious than the gold. Low paid miners sweat in the labyrinth of tunnels crisscrossing the shantytown spreading out above them. Smuggling – miners’ perks, becomes rife and are melted down nightly in illegal bush furnaces. Tom Connolly, a tough ex-Glasgow policeman lands to stop the thriving gold smuggling, is framed and sentenced to ten years in Fremantle Jail. He recruits a South African, a Chinaman, an Aboriginal, an American and an Englishman. The same crooked policeman framed these prisoners. Now they’re breaking out, get to the booming shantytown. Get even, and rich. Connolly suspects the fist-size chunk of black ore he wins arm-wrestling whilst in jail is special. Now he’s watching his back.

The Ghost and the Harley

In 1945 the US Army buried the entire inventory of crated new Jeeps, Harley Davidsons, and trucks, plus crates of spares at their Devon compound. In 1970 two Harleys were heard nightly across Dartmoor. The riders were two ghosts. One, the Army Sergeant who buried the gear and local farm boy who pinched two before he died. Decades later a newspaper brought the Armey Officer back to see if he could discover where the compound was. Now, a pine forest, industrial site and a new housing development under construction made it difficult. However, his wife’s name he carved old Oak tree convinced him he was in the right spot.

The Amy Johnson Story

On May 24, 1930, aged 26 Amy Johnson touched down in Australia, 20 days earlier she took off from England flying solo in her 100 mph Gypsy Moth. This was to become just one of many inspiring and outstanding aviation records and feats this slender ex-secretary achieved. Amy was the super-star of the 30’s and courted by the world’s eligible bachelors. Scot aviator Jim Mollison swept her off her feet and together they created even more records. But the ex-secretary’s life had changed forever and keeping her feet on the ground became almost impossible. The shaky, volatile marriage was destined to fall apart. So Amy sought what made her tick: flying and speed. That winters day, an Arctic north-easterly blasted down the English Channel making flying impossible, except for Amy. Below was Convoy CE21, and convoys were sick and tired of being bombed and strafed by the skilled Luftwaffe pilots. So the Convoys limited firepower aimed at anything that threatened and asks questions later. On January 5, 1941, her plane and Amy vanished without a trace in the River Thames. Then the cover-up began.


Walt Bill and Booma

Pentad and the REAL Wizards Handbook

For centuries and contrary to belief, Wizardry is alive and flourishing-well almost. There’s been a young be-spectacled English boy who has thrust Wizardry to the fore in recent years, and he’s pretty good. Five Wizards – The Pentad have been out of action for 800 years and are now desperate to prove their worth. The upside is; Legends say they were good. The downside is; no one’s ever heard of them. Until one day in the Ancient English Castle Fortress of Durnovaria, (Leeds Castle) in a musty, cobweb-strewn Dungeon. The charred remains of the leather bound gold embossed book are discovered. On each page is a superb drawing of a Wizard. The Hieroglyphic borders seem to be some sort of code. (0r; is a code) An expert from the British Museum commented. ‘Magnificent piece of Artwork and Calligraphy. Quite the best I’ve ever seen.’ The trouble is, no expert in Britain can decipher the riddles/code. And the elderly Castle Owner Sir James’s is about to toss it back in the dungeon and drop the key in the moat. Luckily for all concerned Sir James’s American-born young Grand Daughter and Grandson are into Wizardry-after the Harry Potter craze. Fortunate for us Harry was such a hit.

The Giant’s Playground

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