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Unless otherwise stated all are Ron’s ideas and concepts. Screenplays are written with co-writer and friend: Aimee Lamb. As you see there is a mountain of writing here, and at my age, I decided to ‘get’ these written. This could not have been done without Aimee.

Manuscripts edited by great Editor Michelle Goode.

SP = Screenplays.

MS + Manuscripts

Also, see Legend below


1 Brigadier Calvert. Mad Mike. A Chindit * Action/Drama, Fact. SP

2 The Legend and Adventures of Tae & Kwon *# Animation or live Martial. SP  

3 Nazi Gold and the Reinhardt Memorandum* Action/Drama adapted  from book, Nazi Gold SP

4 The Healing Bullet + @  Drama. Fact, Florey, Chain, Wheatley, Penicillin. SP

5 The Letter * Drama/Ghost. SP See Through the Keyhole.

6 Cast of Eagles * Feature, Adult Drama/Adventure. SP. See Through the Keyhole-The Skunk’s Room

7 Where the Devil Says Goodnight *# Feature, Adult Drama. Fact SP  

8 Saddle the Wind *# Children/family Adventure – SP

9   Black Star-Diamond * @ Fiction/fact-based Adventure. SP

10 The Ghost & the Harley * @ Comedy Adventure. SP Through the Keyhole.  

11 The Amy Johnson Story* Feature, Action/Drama, Fact. SP

12 Walt, Bill & Booma *# Children Animation or live. SP

13 Pentad & the Real Wizards Handbook@* Animation or live – 5 Wizards. SP 

14 The Giants’ Playground*# Feature, Disaster/Action Adventure. SP. Through the Keyhole. The Tsunami.

15 The Sea Witch * Adult/Children Adventure. SP

16 Can’t fight? Wear a BIG Hat+ Action/Crime/ Martial Arts. SP

17 Outnumbered * Action Afghanistan Snipper (short) SP. Through the Keyhole.   The Opium Runner.

18 Stratofortress* Action SP. Through the Keyhole:      

19 A Smuggling we will go* Adventure/Action. SP

20 Bomb Alley to Hellfire Corner #Drama/Adventure WW11. Fact. MS and SP.       

  1. Quietest Place on Earth, + Environment, Whales. Scanning deep space,
  2. Through the Keyhole  16 great short stories.            

Animation GLP, artist Graham Le Page, and any animators who want to develop – contact Ron.







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