Kites. Animation

In the icy blackness of space on the dark side of the moon. They live in the shadows of those whose language and origins are unknown, and to survive they have to leave. They’ve seen another planet when testing massive prototypes and wondered. But it’s a light-year away, and they’re not the only ones on this Planet with Earth its destination.


In time past, only Lichens, Moss, and huge-harmless hairy-purple Spiders inhabited the planets’ colossal Grand Canyon. The strong deafening un-tamed winds that gust to warp speeds along the ridge length are something else. Stretching out beneath the open-plains the canyon walls are laced with shadowy caves that spiral into a labyrinth of dark un-explored chambers.

A mile below on the Canyons floor the gentle breeze is ideal for the robust inhabitants who farm the fertile soil. However, these free-spirited people are mindful of the dangers that threaten their very existence. So plans were put in place decades before. Now, such plans require urgent attention.

Fragmented tribes who inhabit the high ground on the Canyons ridge are ignorant of those far below, except when they deliberately start a rock slide. Soon after, massive 270’-long Kite-like structures drifts upward on the breeze. Hauled along by smaller ‘Tug’ kites that double as Ailerons of the Mother Ship. In times past several Kites were destroyed when a wind-gust smashed the Kite against the Canyon walls. It’s time for the Farmers to consider their future

The success of these resilient people depends on one thing: Are the Spiders Web-woven strands fashioned into these incredible Kites strong enough for the epic hazardous voyage from the dark side of the moon?

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