Letterpress Wood Type for sale

This gallery shows just some of the cases of the type for sale. All is 150+ years old and made in York England by the renowned manufacturer Robert DeLittle established in 1888. There’s the photo of Robert’s catalogue I purchased just as he donated all his machinery to a then-proposed¬†printing museum in London. Included are photos of one magnificent Mahogany cabinets I restored, I still have a double that holds 36 cases. Metal type sticks to set metal type and one of my hardwood ones-for wood letters used for posters- as posters were large and lead type far too heavy to move from a composing room to the bed of a printing machine. If you have an idea of the size and style of cases or letters you want to refer to give me the name of a similar one on your computer.

There are photos of the California layout type case I cut in sections for people and the cabinets I made to keep them, these were people to store miniatures and shells etc., The brass Linotype mats were addressed to a Liverpool printer-I have the handwritten label on one set of matrix boxes, they have never been used.


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  1. Tim Mosely
    Nov 15, 2017

    Hi Ron – I’m very keen to discuss purchasing a number of trays of wooden letterpress type –

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