Pentad and the Real Wizards Handbook

Leeds Castle, Near Maidstone, Kent, England. The Loveliest castle in the Kingdom.









Logline. Wizardry is the world’s oldest profession, and five -The Pentad have been out of action for centuries. Then the dusty remains of a leather-bound book covered in hieroglyphics are discovered in a cobweb-strewn castle dungeon. These are the book covers and drawings. (see Graham’s superb drawing, he started the alphabet and hieroglyphics )

Synopsis. For centuries and contrary to belief, Wizardry is alive and flourishing – well almost. Recently a young be-spectacled English boy thrust Wizardry to the fore. Unfortunately, the Pentad has been out of action for about 800 years and are now desperate to prove their worth. The upside is; A Legend said they were good. The downside; no one’s ever heard of them.

The trouble is there’s an oversupply of average Wizards. Good wizards need Daring, Luck, and Persistence. Unfortunately, with this talented bunch, things got out of hand and they ended up in a very large book flattened like pressed flowers. The culprit is Camulodunum, persistent yes and she sort of grows on you.

Anyway, they were trying to ‘out-wizard’ each other in another of their ‘proving’ competitions – but that’s the way they are.

No one can unravel the riddles and puzzles to the mystery. Then two youngsters heavily into wizardry succeeded. So Merlin-along with the other four is liberated.

Now the reason they’ve been out of action for several hundred years is that Camulodunum mucked up a trick at one of ‘their’ sessions and everyone ended up trapped in a book like pressed flowers. It was only recently discovered in an English Castle Dungeon. In all probability, they’d still be there, had the moat surrounding Durnovaria (actually Leeds in Kent)  not seeped into this Dungeon?

Workmen repaired the seepage and find the remaining pages of this 40 by 20-inch leather-bound gold-embossed book, which they handed the remaining few pages to Castle owner, Sir James Fortesque.

On each page is a superb-but faded drawing of a wizard. The Hieroglyphic borders are some sort of code that no expert in Britain can decipher. Luckily, Sir James’s young Grand Daughter and Grandson on holiday are into Wizardry. Later when Sir James flips over the pages out flew the invisible squashed Wizards. They’re stiff and relieved to be free. One would have thought that with their undoubted skills they could have easily escaped. After all, Wizardry is the most powerful of all professions.

For now, and until they’ve sorted themselves out, they decided to remain invisible. In reality, they have forgotten how to un-invisible themselves, and cannot face this disturbing reality. It seems the Laws of Magic and the mental endurance to focus these skills on strenuous spells demands an immediate overhaul.

Now, this fun-loving bunch not only had to catch up, but traditions die hard for the old school. Two, out of circulation for centuries-the new kids on the block can teach them a thing or two.

Feature or 15-minute TV series. Children, young adults. 


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