Pentad. Where it all began. Leeds Castle in Kent

Leeds Castle

by Ben Johnson

Leeds Castle in Kent, England, has been called the “loveliest castle in the world”. Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence and a royal palace. Its situation is stunning, set on two islands in a magnificent lake.

The Royal Manor was originally built in 857AD and owned by a Saxon royal family. After the Norman Conquest, work began on building the first stone castle on the site.

In 1278 the Castle became a royal palace for Edward I and his Queen, Eleanor of Castile. Major improvements were made to the castle during the reign of Edward I. The Barbican, constructed during this time, is unique in that it is made up of three parts, each having its own entrance, drawbridge, gateway and portcullis. The medieval Keep, incorporating the Great Hall, is called the Gloriette, in honour of Queen Eleanor.

We can see why the Pentad also made it their patch. Kent has many castles and all have stories to tell, this is why Merlin and his pals are in for the rides of their lives. So come on in and feel right at home with these guys.

Short Project Overview:

For centuries and contrary to belief, Wizardry is alive and flourishing-well almost. There’s been a young be-spectacled English boy who has thrust Wizardry to the fore in recent years, and he’s pretty good. Five Wizards – The Pentad have been out of action for 800 years and are now desperate to prove their worth. The upside is; Legends say they were good. The downside is; no one’s ever heard of them.

Until one day in a musty cob-web strewn Dungeon at the Ancient English Castle Fortress at Leeds in Kent. The dusty remains of leather bound gold embossed book is discovered. On each page is a superb drawing of a Wizard. The Hieroglyphic borders seem to be some sort of code. An expert from the British Museum commented. ‘Magnificent piece of Artwork and Calligraphy. Quite the best I’ve ever seen.’  The trouble is, no expert in Britain can decipher the riddles/code. And the elderly Castle Owner Sir James’s is about to toss it back in the dungeon and drop the key in the moat. Luckily for all concerned Sir James’s young Grand Daughters: Molly and Darcy are into Wizardry-after the Harry Potter craze. Fortunate for us Harry was such a hit.

I said there are five wizards: Merlin, Magnus Portus, Anderida, Venta and Silurum. In fact, there’s another; Camulodunum-she’s the youngest. But we have to face the fact there’s an oversupply of average Wizards and to be a good wizard one needs three essential attributes: Daring, Luck and Persistence. Camulodunum is persistent and she sort of grows on us. Unfortunately, nothing works out as she plans but we keep our fingers crossed.

So without further ado, let me tell about their escape, and bring you up to speed on Wizardry through the past 800 years.

Graham’s superb drawings, the gallery shows sections of the main one, the pencil ones show some of his Pentad alphabets, from memory he had not completed it and this is all I have sadly.



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