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 Just some comments from various companies I submitted synopses to for some 40 stories/ideas I’d developed up to 1998. It totalled 27,500 words a daunting task you’ll agree. I’ve added another 20. Most I’ve merely written about 20 pages to get the ‘feel’ of the idea. My problem is which to write first, as I get nudged ‘off course’ as another concept that keep me awake at night.

I did not progress, as we moved to Australia, and I either lost contact or the companies had moved, so I just kept writing.

Producer Pearl Catlin asked if I’d write a screenplay on ‘spec’. That story is about SAS Commanding Officer; Brig. James Michael Calvert DSO 2 bars. Mad Mike a Chindit.

Sir Kenneth Branagh. Mad Mike, a Chindit. Dear Ron Shears, Thank-you for bringing your script MAD MIKE, A CHINDIT to my attention. It’s a very clear synopsis and the story sounds ambitious and intriguing. I am not, however, drawn to the subject matter and therefore I shall decline your kind offer to participate in bringing it to the screen. Thank-you very much for considering me and my best wishes for the project.



Lord David Putnam; Enigma Productions London. Ref Cast of Eagles. There are a couple of projects I would dearly love to produce, and sadly I’m unable to help you develop this further. I do hope you understand and appreciate my decision, and I wish all the luck in the world with this project. (Lord Putnam took up two government Task Force appointments)

Bill Gunstone. Manuscript. Cast of Eagles. Do not hesitate to let me know if I can help in any way. I say this because I think you have a winner. Bill helped with some technical stuff here. He’s the best when talking Aircraft.

Lucy V Hay (Bang2write) “I am a script editor and have read much of Ron’s portfolio and had the pleasure of working with him on several screenplays. Ron’s enthusiasm knows no bounds; he grabs a story and tackles it head-on. His arenas and characters are colourful and always larger than life. I wish him the best of luck Lucy Hay.

Lucy V Hay (Bang2write) Ron, you clearly know loads about your time period – as always – and you have great visual style. Thank you for this, it is not the concept I’m looking for currently. Good luck placing it. (Forgot which)

Cast of Eagles Again, this is a vivacious piece and you’ve set your war arena up well. This is obviously your strongest point as a writer.

.British Screen. I see from the numerous log lines you have a good imagination. However, it may well be that some of these ideas fall somewhat outside for our remit. If you’d like to send me the script of THE GHOST AND THE HARLEY, I’d be happy to take a look at it. Emma Berkofsky, head of development. (I didn’t send)

Working Title Films London. Where the Devil says Goodnight and Cast of Eagles. Whilst I found both intriguing and commercial ideas, we are currently developing two WW11 projects and as such, I can’t see a way in which we’d be able to pursue these with you. Press on with Cast of Eagles.

BBC Commissioner South West U.K. Sue Daziel. I’ve lost the commissioner’s letter, the gist after I sent; The Ghost and the Harley and Saddle the Wind. The lady said they were both better than a Hollywood feature script she and her locations manager had just read. Please send the completed scripts. I didn’t as I’d never written one before in Final Draft.

Bill Kerr, Australian Actor: Cast of Eagles, “Best script I’ve read in years. Ask Russell Crowe to read.”

Andelko Jurin. LA-based award-winning West Australian Director: Cast of Eagles. “I’ve just gone through your scenes again and they are unreal. You are on the gas. We have a script on our hands.”

Oxygen Films. Canada.  Thanks for this. It sounds like a great storyline. I won’t say move forward just yet, but I will run this concept past a few people! I love your zeal and ambitious writer’s spirit!!

Oxygen Films Canada. Where the Devil says Goodnight. I believe the more concise version (97-page) was ultimately the better script. And I sent it. I was torn though because the 107-page script had a lot of different details, it was more-wordy and used perhaps a more PROPER ENGLISH which may have given it more credence for Oscar potential…That said, ultimately after comparing it line by line, page by page, I think the shorter one runs a little smoother. It was a tough choice because both had certain aspects which were better than the other. But, as mentioned, I’ve made them aware a longer version is also available, and they may choose to read both.

Mabel Kaplan.  Saddle the Wind. This story has strength and charm, and enough magic and mystery to lift it above the mundane.

Saddle the Wind. Hello Mr Shears, I’m a hobbyist screenwriter and I’m writing you to let you know how much I enjoyed reading Saddle The Wind The mysterious adventure with Jess and Jazz keeps the pace of the story. Amanda is adorable and her desire to beat Penelope is overwhelming. I read the entire script in no time. It’s really well written. I thought you would appreciate the feedback.  Regards Palsy Script Revolution Member

Mabel Kaplan. The Penalty. I found this a powerful story. The opening is excellent.  I’d like to edit just a few spots with your permission.

Lez Barstow. If I can help in any way, all you have to do is ask. I know that you and Jacqui have a good deal of talent! Good luck placing it.

Short Stories. Through the Keyhole. editor, writer Michelle Goode. You have an interesting collection of stories; it’s fascinating how much you have experienced, and the stories you have learned from others. I don’t see why they shouldn’t deserve to be shared with the world. I also think that you write in a manner that is lovely to read; it feels like we’re sitting in the same room telling stories over a log fire.

Michelle Goode Editor. Here is the T&K file Ron 🙂 Excellent writing in there.

Launching Pad Productions Perth, W. Australia Your work very well written, most lends to the traditional animation style. Tae and Kwon could look brilliant if well animated, try an Asia partner. Saddle the Wind has distinct possibilities, the one best suit our age group at a letter stage, and I like the idea of Garbage bins coming to life. Company moved I lost contact

Maverick Television UK.Thanks for your various proposals it was a pleasure to receive so many stimulating ideas, I’m discussing proposals with the BBC and will see what they are looking for. (Never heard from ‘them again, the writer changed companies)

Blue Heaven Productions London. I want you to know I have read all this material, buried in here are some very good stories; there is so much it is difficult to know where to begin. Why don’t you send The Ghost and the Harley or Saddle the Wind? Choose the best.

Barron Entertainment Perth, W. Australia Unfortunately the epic scale of many of your submitted projects prohibits our company supporting further development. In fact, almost all the historical stories (particularly those set in WWII) could not proceed without the backing of a major Hollywood studio. That said let me say how much I enjoyed reading such a diverse range of story ideas.

Penguin, Australia. Ref; Saddle the Wind. However, the editors have seen your work and feel it shows real promise; we trust the fact we are unable to publish will not discourage you from continuing to write. (My m/s is 35,000 words they want 60,000 min) As I’m writing the 2nd story I didn’t add more words.

Hammerwood Producers, UK May I say the diversity of some of your storylines provoked me into a rare occurrence I read them all avidly and am impressed top keep them all on file for future reference. Is Where the Devil says Goodnight, based on a true story?

Seifert Dench London. Though some of your ideas show real potential: Saddle the Wind and The Ghost and the Harley. I am afraid we are not expanding our writer’s list.


FIFA Congratulated me on my noble effort, please keep us informed on the project progress. And send us any additional information along with a copy of the film once available.

Competitions. Where the Devil says Goodnight, 10th 2001 entries, glowing critique with suggestions to improve. In another comp nominated for a US Cultural and Heritage award.

A Smuggling We Will Go-quarter finalist. Jungle Katz-quarter finalist. There are more, but the above gives you the gist.

The American Gem Literary Festival. Been a Nice Year for Roses short screenplay Your Entry has been recognized a first round qualifier. The official list to be published on the website on or by December 6th2017.

Tae & Kwon: Feedback from a class of 15-year-olds (Year 10’s) and all above average literacy for their age. Each comment is a group of four students:

“Very original and creative, with an interesting story-line. Clear and easy to understand – overall very good.”

“Easy to understand and intriguing.”

“A good story, very easy to get into. Needs a monkey.” (Now a Snow Leopard)

“Pretty good. We enjoyed reading it.”

“A very interesting read. We thoroughly enjoyed this and would not change a thing. Brilliant work.”

“Very interesting with a good backstory.”

Tascha Katharina  Adult Tae Kwon Do student. I have just finished reading “The Legend and Adventures of Tae & Kwon” (in one sitting) It’s an amazing story and I do hope there will be a sequel.








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