Saddle the Wind

For over four hundred years, the spooky storm held a dark secret. From across the mists, the faint hoofbeats of a phantom horse and rider return to right an ancient wrong.

This young Dartmoor girl decides to polish her battered, scorched Saddle. Now gleaming, inviting, and irresistible, she sits in it. Astounded, it flies guided by her thoughts, taking on a life of its own—engulfing her in an incredible adventure filled with danger and intrigue. How can this old Saddle unlock a centuries-old mystery and restore Amanda’s girlish dreams damaged by the vengeful jealousies of another girl determined to win a racing crown by whatever means?

It starts and finishes with the season’s last Dartmoor race. The Buckfast stakes. Does she use her Saddle?

The ghost of ancestor Highwayman appears, and they solve the centuries-old Dartmoor legend.

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