Short Stories The Ghosts and the Harleys.

This compound actually existed.

In WW2 an officer was in charge of a very large United States Military stores depot at Heathfield on the southern edge of Dartmoor in Devon, England.  In late 1945 the US Army buried the entire inventory of crated new Jeeps, Harley Davidsons, and trucks, plus crates of spares at their Devon compound

In 1995 a local Devon newspaper invited the officer back to see if I could identify its location. Unfortunately, with an industrial site, a housing development a dual carriage road, and the Pine Forrest. He had no idea just where the depot was. Then, fate took a hand, his wife’s name he carved old Oak tree convinced him he was in the right spot.

In 1970 two Harleys were heard nightly across Dartmoor. The riders are two ghosts. One, the Army Sergeant who buried the gear and local farm boy who pinched two before he died during an Air-raid.

My son was the roof tiling contractor on the site and knew the JCB digger driver well, who dug bits of metal almost daily but was told to say nothing, as it was likely building work would be stopped considered ‘Of historic significance.








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