The Crew, some Animation characters

Logline on each, you’ll connect with drawings.

Walt, Bill, Booma. Three talented Australian guys who live in the bush. Walt, Booma, Bill Guess full names.

Tae & Kwon. An Adventure beyond time; A Prince…a Princess…another time…one mission. These 10th Dan Martial Art experts are not alone.

Unicorn Island. From outer space, Unicorn Island looks small. To the untrained eye, its shape is just ordinary. Then a little inquisitive Perth girl notices something in that shape.

Surfies. They spend more time submerged than surfaced.

The Mushies. The mushrooms are having a hard time.

Beezwax. It’s all about WILL-BEE and friend MAY-BEE who survive the mini River-Tsunamis with help from MAJOR BEE-ROGERS.

Merlin. A legend says he and 3 pals were good. 800-years later, no one’s heard of ‘em.

Duncan Rat. In Rodentology Dunc’s up there with best Nobel Prize winners. His submarine ‘The ‘Flea’ flies. Upside down, but he’s working on it.

Saddle the Wind. The past collides with the present. A legend, a ghost from the past, a magic saddle and a wrong to be righted. This piece of vintage leather, associated with an old Dartmoor legend, flies with her in it. Together they solve the legend.

Jungle Katz. They’re running out of space, and they’re running out of time. Indian Leopard-Prince and Tiger pal Khan are running for their lives as hunters hit India.

Tanglefoot. A baby Blue Whale gets in heaps of trouble, the whirlpool is something else.

The Garbos Dustbins with faces and they talk. Now, on Adrenaline overload and re-inventing themselves.

\Nero. Plays his fiddle whilst Rome burns. He’s the Firebug.

Pennson Light. The Lighthouse keeper testing the latest Hi-tech unit looks doomed to sink or fall over.

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