The Garbos (short for Garbologists. Animation


The idea for Children’s Cartoon/Animated Characters or Puppets or live. – people covered in a costume Dustbin.

Can hardly have dead people in ‘em can you?  ;)))

So what’s the matter with GARBOLOGISTS?

Everyone nowadays has a job ending in ‘ologist’

The Garbos are galvanized dustbins with faces, and they talk.

They’ve got feelings just like Humans. Friends,

Families and enemies-us Humans.

I mean, who do we think we are?

Tossing all our rubbish and rotten food in them.

There’s a downside to being a Dustbin.

Come to think of it not too many ups either.

Let’s face it. Dustbins have a lousy image.

So they’re reinventing themselves, having a makeover.

They want respect and are going to get it at any cost.

Well, almost any.

They’re having their own parade.

They’re new image and commitment to the environment

Requires a new name and a governing body.

They‘re fed up with being ‘Kicked around’

They are now on ‘Adrenaline Overload’ and are going Digital

To the ‘Cutting Edge’ of the Environment issues.

The hole in the Ozone, Rising Sea Levels, De-Forestation,

They have a cause man. Now, they’re now all action.

They want in with the “A” crowd.

There’s a Testosterone Drenched Duo among them

Going for it! And giving it their best shot/s.

Another bunch whose attitude is somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan

A stack of characters with names like Lardy-he’s fat with bulging sides and splitting seams

Rivets-his owner repairs him with pot-rivets and odd bits of metal.

Muscles-reckons he’s the toughest dustbin around.

Rusty-has more rust than galvanizing.

The Reggae families from Jamaica; who sing Reggae songs all day long to the annoyance of many other Garbos.

Daffodil, The smartest bin in the street.

Talking topics include,

What their owners drop in them.

“Look out he comes that woman with all that ruddy fish again.”

They hate the new plastic variety, & poly bags, this means extinction for them.

Enemies are the new Plastic type with wheels, and Black Plastic bags (not that they are colored prejudiced) you understand.

There’s that scruffy mangy smelly dog again about to cock his leg on Daffodil, she’s got Rheumatism because of him. Rusting away faster than any of us.”

Conversation topics include Weather, Cold, Damp, Sunburn, Bird Droppings, etc. and they are outside in all sorts of weather.

Get headaches when a Truckie knocks them against the lorry, drop their lids and mixing them up, dented from kids kicking them and lorries hitting them spoiling their appearance. Kids pushing them over, whatever next.

Some owners paint them with leftover paint in the most distasteful color schemes. Battleship grey, Post office red. Yuck, we can’t help being Dustbins. Someone’s got to do it.

What happens when our bottoms rust away? leaving us legless.

Get nicked, foreigners taking over the collection.

Farqhuar got run over last week. Buried or rather chucked on the local tip. No flowers even a sausage. Someone nicked his lid.

It’s no good complaining or getting a petition, and what’s the point of a strike? Who’s going to listen to us? Let’s face it we are the lowest of the low. Right now I’d thank a Truckie for chucking me inside his wagon. It’s over in seconds; crunch. What a way to go amongst all that rubbish and rotting food as much as we can tuck into. But you gotta be quick; this new hydraulic gadget makes a cocktail of everything before you get a chance to sample anything. All that lovely fish from number fifteen every Friday. Fancy having smoke salmon one a week. Better for us as well it lowers cholesterol you know. And have you seen the lovely legs on those women!

Being a dustbin is not much fun now, never mind about the Good old days, then no one bothered to wrap things up. Maggots all over us, Blue Bottles by the thousands. I remember we had so many flies under our lids they lifted off under the sheer force of the wing beats. That is where all those stories of Flying Saucers started from, all those Blowies wanting out. It was Dustbin lids heading for the Stratosphere at warp speed. Faster than Captain Kirk and his Starship Enterprise.

They called it the swinging ’60s, in those days the galvanizing was good. Just how long are these new fangled plastic ones going to last? We only hope they crack up quickly, otherwise, its the end of us lot, plastic should be banned. Surely they will buckle in a heat wave! we can stand it, built to last. They don’t make ’em like that anymore what. I see they don’t have handles. How are you supposed to pick ’em up? And take off the lid. I reckon that before long there wills are millions of de-capitated bins covering the country, no lids, and just the barrel. Mark my words. They won’t last.

Do you realize, we actually face extinction. We’ve been around for decades being abused by just about everything and everybody. Look at the men that’ll be out of work, has the Think Tank considered that I wonder. Do you know the biggest dustbin maker in Cardiff will have to close down, all those men on the dole? Their technology’s been exported all over the world.


(Charter details under preparation)

Movie Star Image


Make Over      Had a Whiff of…

Take a pasting

We’re downsizing

No foolhardy hobbies

Ideas into Action/Risks into Rewards

Face like one of those bricks that brickies toss in a cement mixer after work to knock rub off the cement dregs.

Launching Pad Productions Perth, W. Australia Your work very well written, most lends to the traditional animation style. Tae and Kwon could look brilliant if well animated, try an Asia partner. Saddle the Wind has distinct possibilities, the one best suit our age group at a letter stage, and I like the idea of Garbage bins coming to life. Company moved I lost contact




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