The Skunk’s Room fact

This and 16 more short stories are in my book, ‘Through the Keyhole’. That said, as many of these are excellent concepts for movies, I fear some will be pinched and developed without my permission, therefore I may not upload.

All great reads, some are true, some exciting scenes adapted from my screenplays that, I believe make good reading. For more, Through the Keyhole.

The Following is from my screenplay Cast of Eagles. Air Commodore Al Deere is not mentioned in this. Skinner existed, other characters are fictitious. That said, I had two versions ref., Sq/Ldr., Skinner: first, his dialogue as written. Another, he didn’t say this. I left it my screenplay for greater effect, as I believe this the true one. Even the skunk’s room, first, it existed and maybe still does. The other version, it never existed.

Either way, it’s my way of saying Thank You to these brave young men. I lived in Chatham, Kent. It was in a sky-path aptly called Bomb Alley. Between Dover and Lydd was Hell Fire Corner. I remember the dogfights as if they happened yesterday. Hence I wrote, Bomb Alley to Hellfire an e-book on most e-publisher sites.

Their new Commanding Officer at Biggin Hill Fighter Station: Sqd/Ldr Skinner called these Battle of Britain Pilots. “A load of Skunks.’ Winstone Churchill called them and the ground crews. “The Few.’




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