The Smugglers

The Mermaid Inn, Rye, East Sussex, on the Kent border, used by the gangs.

The Smugglers. Feature. Action. Drama. Crime. 95-page screenplay. 

Logline. After the King stole their farms and increases taxes. The rebellion spreads across the land.

The vast flat, treeless desolate region, Romney Marsh is ‘out of bounds.’ It is 1748, the smuggling gangs get more brutal.

Synopsis. It peaks in 1750 when the ordinary man cannot feed his family. The rebellion is not the only word on peasant’s tongues. Smuggling is the other and it is rife in Kent. They didn’t ask for it, King George the 3rd imposes crippling taxes if he wants a fight? He’s got it. Soon men from three villages organize three large opposing hostile gang’s. Each roams the vast Romney Marshes, sabotaging ships moored in the English Channel. At night, as many as 500 pack-horses trek the goods inland. Pitch battles rage across the swamps, many men die, if caught, they are hanged. Village Inn’s have escape tunnels. The Church, inns, cottages, and barns store vast amounts of goods liable to tax. Revenuers (Tax men) are on the take, corruption is easy. Is the County Sheriff tough enough, to crush these other-wise honest hard working men? The Dragoons arrive, now outgunned and outnumbered, terrorize villagers’ grab the reward for each smuggler named and caught.


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