Through the Keyhole


A superb collection of short stories from this Master story and screenplay writer. I’ve adapted some from my action screenplays, that I believe make a good read. This e-book and paperback are available on Amazon in February 2018. for a few dollars, I’d be pleased to know if you like my screenplay adaptations in the comments,  I ‘ll dig out more and get started. SP = adapted from a Screenplay scene. Enjoy.

Please note. The Legend and Adventures of Tae & Kwon whilst it is a shortish story it is NOT included in this publication. But, my Tae & Kwon Legend Tae & Kwon a few dollars, late February 2018.


An Appointment with Fear Drama. Buckfast Abbey Graveyard. Midnight. 972 words

Been a Nice Year for Roses. SP. Black comedy. To Win.  Use FRESH, Blood & Bone. 5,501

B52 Stratofortress Drama. SP.  Countdown to WW3. 12,500

The Brick Wall. SP. Fact. Ron’s  WW2 Playground. Bombed Houses.  817

Dartmoor Bogs Drama. The fate of an escaped prisoner. World Lichens expert. 1,100.

There goes my Knighthood. Comedy Fact.Rare Expensive Old Postage Stamps. Fakes or not? 1,200

The Letter Drama. SP. WW2 Pilot’s letter arrives 25 years late.  7,537

The Mugging.  Drama. He’s 75. A Martial Art expert. 1,07

An Opium Runner. From crop to Kabul market. Running for 24 hours. 1,240

The Penalty. African Schools Football Final. SP. With a Kick. 620

Tae & Kwon. Martial Arts. SP. A Prince. A Princess. Another Time. One Mission. They’re not alone. 10,628

The Tsunamis.  Action.  SP.  A Giant Tsunami.  A Crippled Kawasaki Sea Plane. 1,927

The Vase. Drama.  Fact. A Chinese Vase. For decades it stood under a busted Iron downpipe in Totnes, Devon. 2,400

The Virgin Dancers. S.P.  Fact. Three Teenagers: Ron, Ken, and Mike’s Horny Dance Lessons’.  2,336

The Skunk’s Room.  SP. Fact. Their new C.O calls them ‘A Load of  Skunks’. Churchill calls them ‘The Few.’ 2,069

29,500 words approx.,

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