Through the Keyhole

An exciting and intriguing collection of short stories, some are true, some adapted from action scenes from my screenplays that make a great read, some my imagination. See what you think.

Here are 15 short stories in this fascinating and interesting and varied genre range. The Penalty is just 622 words, yet, a very powerful story written to raise funds for Land Mine victims. There are several other True stories, some I’ve adapted from scenes in my screenplays. Action scenes; that on screen are superb, yet, equally dramatic as short stories. The Tsunami, for instance, is a really good example, as Tsunamis have been in the news for years now. But I wrote this screenplay over 30 years ago.
Loglines for my 15 titles. These are in several genres that I hope you will enjoy. I wrote a few of these about 20 years ago and buried them on various hard drives, where they remained practically unnoticed; what a waste. So here are some of those in volume 1. If these are read, I will crack on with several others that I’ve started that need editing etc. I was asked several years ago after someone read a screenplay, he suggested I put these on-line, as he found them great reads. I worry with justification if any can be pinched so all I will upload are synopses.
An Appointment with Fear.  A very Haunted Graveyard in this Ancient Devon Abbey, a large howling dog, that locals dismiss.

The Daimler. This Daimler Limousine was at one time, the most famous in the World.
Dartmoor Bogs. Many hikers have set out to find the Dartmoor Bogs. Some were never seen again.
The B.52 Stratofortress Joyride.  The Russians have wanted a Boeing B.52 Strat fortress bomber to evaluate for decades. Then one appears on their radar over Russian airspace.

There goes my Knighthood. The stamp was bought for the largest collection in the World. An expert is asked to vouch for its authenticity.
The Opium Runner. This 18-year-old must get his 10kgs of pure Opium to the Kabul Bazaar. A British Army sniper is positioned at a gap in the mountains between Abdul and Kabul.
The Penalty.  Over a 150-miIIion people play it. Now land mine victims are trying out their new legs. You need a ball and imagination. It’s called Football, the beautiful game.
Been a Nice Year for Roses. Forensic Scientist Robert and his fat wife Ruby hate each other. Robert wants to win a 1st at The Chelsea Flower Show. With fresh blood and bone fertilizer, his Rose can. He names it Ruby.
The Skunks Room. This small brick building was the place Battle of Britain pilots based at Biggin Hill in Kent used as their room to cool off. Their C.O., called them ‘a lot of skunk’, for their carefree attitude, casual dress, and visiting girlfriends. They were the sharp-end and some of ‘The Few.’
The Vase. The Vase squatted beneath a broken 3-foot piece of a rusty cast–iron rainwater pipe in Totnes, Devonshire. The pipe was held in place by a rusty single nail, banged in a brick joint. Over several years; the vase became covered in Lichen and moss. It was accidentally discovered and sold at auction for 240,000. It was the only complete and intact Ming vase of its type in the world.
The Tsunami. The Kuril Islands, this monster Tsunami would not have been reported except by a quick of fate. But was the Catalina pilot’s  message received?
The Virgin Dancers. They three pals wanted to dance with the girls. It was the 50’s, and they needed lessons. Dance instructor Freda was the most seductive woman they had ever held ‘tight.’ They would be the horniest lessons beyond imagination. The dance lessons were also good.
The Brick Wall.  In WW2 we had to use our imagination for and fun. Parents and relatives were in the forces or helping keep Britain free. Bombed out buildings were a place of endless fun and danger. That gable walls on the end terrace 2-storey house looked easy to topple. We had not heard the word, Gravity, Sir Isaac Newton theory on gravity was correct we quickly discovered.
The Mugging. As an 80% invalid with Asthma the last thing, this 79 year-olds wanted was trouble. The two young drop-outs believed him a soft touch in that lane one bitterly cold winter night. Any confrontation for this man had to be short and it was. He was pleased his years to become a Master 4th Dan at Tae Kwon do were well spent.
The Letter. On December 23, 1943, Squadron Leader James Ford receives an order. ‘Photograph German Rocket sites today.’ James is getting married on Christmas Eve. Arguing with his Commanding Officer delays his take off, cramps mission time, and his return. His commanding officer is Winston Churchill. They are the only two who know about this secret mission. James scribbles a letter to Kathy. His best man promises to deliver it later that day. Unfortunately, this letter is delivered 50 years later on Christmas Eve 1993. So why is everyone now a ghost?

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