The Mites Factory

Here, the machine 'gurgels' away with a host of their vegetables mixing their secret brew that cures all known ills.

Hundreds of 2″ high innocents who tend the biggest vegetable garden in Australia, where they make a mixture they will sell called Vegimate. In the middle of their garden a gentle old lady lives, she tasted all their mixes, and when she smiled and nodded her head, the mites knew they a ‘best seller’ on their hands.
But all is not well, for one morning very early when they walked to the factory they all fell into large very deep hole. “Who can have made this? they exclaimed? They set a trap that night and waited. Hours later there was a commotion, the noise woke the lady. As dawn broke they see the monster. Now they have to devise a plan to keep him away, and their friends the large hairy spiders have a plan.

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