The Judge

13/5/08 Screenplay in progress

My murderers motive; She’s a handsome retired lady US high court judge.

A number of her trials ended with a brutal murderer getting off on law technicalities. She now hunts ’em down and finishes each off as their victims died, all are different, so there’s absolutely no motive to any of them.

Who’d have thought a retired Judge could do such a thing, particularly a lady

So we admire her, she’s a hero, in the audience’s eyes, but not the law. So what happens at her trail? If she is charged, where’s the evidence? None she ensures that. Actress for this: Holland Taylor.

The investigating Detective suspects her, they were lovers in the past. He admires what she’s done/maybe still doing. He knows she presided over 2 more cases and these men are still alive. He talks to her, hinting he knows, and if she quits now, as he retires shortly these unsolved cases will in all probability get buried in the bulging un-solved files.

But she wants these murderer’s hides.

She counters he doesn’t have any evidence all legal jargon, so far she’s still on top.

Time’s not on her side she has un-specified time to live.

One of the killers realizes who is responsible, sets out to get her, before she gets him. Our detective also realizes she’s on this man’s list.